Do you take my insurance?

Many people do not know that in the state of Texas, by law, all insurance policies are required to cover Chiropractic Care. Montgomery Chiropractic is a provider and bills for all insurances except Worker’s Compensation. This includes Group Insurance and Auto Insurance. We also offer patients a “TIME OF SERVICE” discount that allows most patient to receive even more care from their insurance policies!

How much will the first visit cost?

This is always an interesting question which our staff encounters from a potential patient they have never met! Keep in mind, the staff are not doctors and even if the prospective patient had received an accurate diagnosis in the past, they probably would not completely understand it! 

For this reason, Montgomery Chiropractic offers a complimentary consultation with the doctor on a prospective patient’s first visit. Included in this complimentary consultation is a check of the patient’s basic vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and respiration count. This allows the doctor to ask in-depth questions regarding the conditions expressed and determine if, in fact, the prospective patient is even a candidate for Chiropractic care. There have been multiple times over the 30+ year history of Montgomery Chiropractic where an immediate referral to an Emergency Room was made, just on the basis of the initial history!

As an established practice in Belton we work extensively with other health care providers and we feel one of our primary obligations is to make sure you are in the correct health care environment for your condition! Once it has been established that you are a candidate for chiropractic care, all fees for examination and other test will be explained IN ADVANCE of those procedures being performed.

Do I have to have X-Rays?

This is another question which staff, other than the doctor, are unable to answer before a proper history and examination is performed. Only the doctor can make this decision and they do not know until evaluating the patient. In fact, it is the opinion of the doctor of Montgomery Chiropractic that if you call a health care facility and they can give you this answer without ever discussing a patient’s past and current history, performing an examination and evaluating those findings, it would most likely be in your best interest to avoid that health care provider!

Do I have to come back for the rest of my life?

Dr. Micah has always said that this is his favorite question to answer! The answer is always “NO!”! Please keep in mind it IS the doctor’s obligation to provide the patient with a prognosis for what will occur if the patient does not correct the underlying cause of their condition. In fact, it is malpractice to not give this information to the patient! However, it is always the patient’s decision on what type and amount of care they desire! Whether it is one (1) visit or one hundred (100) visits, it is always the patient’s decision, provided the care, in the doctor’s opinion, will not cause harm!

Why does Dr. Micah enjoy answering this question?

It probably has a lot to do with the way he answers the question! When a patient asks Dr. Micah “Do I have to come back for the rest of my life?,” Dr. Micah usually answers with the question, “Did you have a toothache this morning?” Most patients respond with “no.” Then Dr. Micah asks, “Well, did you brush your teeth?” The answer is always “Yes!” This allows Dr. Micah to explain that if one had to choose between their spine and their teeth, it would probably be wise to chose their spine, because dentists can make dentures that work reasonably well, however no one has come up with even a reasonable substitute for your spine!! The spine needs to be maintained and should be the highest priority as research indicates it impacts the majority of other functions in your body! 

Isn’t it interesting that a person with diabetes, thyroid or heart disease rarely asks, “Will I have to take this medication the rest of my life?” While there are natural remedies that may improve these conditions, the public rightly assumes that once developed they will have to care for these conditions the rest of their life. In contrast, the spine is the conduit of life and should be cared for early in life as a preventative measure against future health issues!

Are there any reduced fees if I do not have insurance?

The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners is the licensing and rule making authority for all chiropractors in Texas. Their rules state that a Texas Doctor of Chiropractic may have ONLY 2 fee schedules. One is their typical fees and another is a “Time of Service Discount” (TOSD) fee. We have a TOSD fee which is explained to each patient. Obviously, if Montgomery Chiropractic does not have to perform billing activities, pay postage, etc. it saves money and that savings is passed along to the patient. 

Please be aware that “Group Discounts”, “Family Plans,” plans which hold moneys in trust, or those where the patient pays for the first 10 visits and get the next 10 free, etc. as performed by some providers in Texas are ILLEGAL and should be avoided. Practices that utilize these programs are trying to “skirt” the law and it rarely comes out to the advantage of the patient.