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Is your pain calling the shots?

  • You feel reliant on your pain medication.
  • You’ve been told surgery is your only option.
  • You can’t play golf or travel without unrelenting aches.
  • You can no longer get on the floor to play with your kids and grandkids.
We know the journey to find relief from your pain has been a gruelling one.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Go beyond your symptoms to resolve your pain naturally.

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Comprehensive Exams
Our comprehensive exam and treatment process helps eliminate guesswork to find and treat the root cause of your pain on the first try.
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Fast, Thorough Adjustments
In easy, 5-minute adjustments, you’ll feel the progress in your health fast. Many of our patients start to see results as soon as their 1st adjustment.
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Lasting Wellness
When we treat the root cause of your pain instead of the symptoms you experience, we can give you lasting solutions that keep you out of pain for the long haul!
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We want to help you find lasting relief from ...

Migraines & Headaches
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Foot/Ankle Pain

Your pathway to personalized treatment.

Your body is built to heal itself.

We just help it along.

When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause countless problems in the body. We’ve helped thousands of patients in the Belton area get back their life and find lasting relief from pain.
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I’m a skeptic by nature, but chiropractic care has proven to be a game changer and life saver. I’ve been in moderate/ severe constant pain for almost 6 months. After failed medical treatments and medication failed to provide any relief, I finally decided to seek alternative treatment. 

I started treatment two weeks ago for severe lower back and moderate neck pain. The constant intense lower back pain that I’ve been having for almost 6 months is dang near gone! I felt immediate relief after my last visit. I’m going to continue treatment as there are other health issues I’d like to resolve. Dr Montgomery and staff are incredible!
- Courtney P.
I have had severe back and neck pain for over 10 years. I have been to multiple chiropractors. I have never received the treatment I was given at Montgomery Chiropractic. The staff are all friendly and more than helpful. Dr Micah Montgomery was in depth, very knowledgeable and took his time to explain what the causes were, why I was in constant pain. And the plan to get me better than I have been in a very long time. I went from barely being able to walk, to wanting to go for a run. 

Thank you for taking your time to ensure I was taken care of to the best of your abilities. You will be my chiropractor of choice and the name I refer anyone that asks or needs help.
- Ronnie M.

Chiropractic Care is Vital
to Your Health and Wellness.

When your body is in alignment, it does what it’s supposed to.

An aligned body walks without pain. It moves with strength and stability. And if proper alignment affects movement of the outer body, imagine what it’s doing with the inner body.

That’s why we say that chiropractic care is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you moving well so that you can keep doing more of what you love!
- Dr. Micah Montgomery
Dr. Micah Montgomery and Dr. Rafael Salas, Chiropractors, Belton, TX.

Your pathway to personalized treatment.

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Do more of what you love!
Get back to enjoying more of life, free from pain!
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Dr. Micah Montgomery, Chiropractor, Belton, TX.

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Schedule your initial visit and get a free, 20-minute comprehensive consultation so that we can get to the root of your pain – and finally find a solution for lasting relief.
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