What to Expect

We understand making an appointment to see a new provider can be overwhelming. We’re here to ensure you feel comfortable with us – even before you step foot in our office.
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Thorough exams
Clear treatment plans
Next-day appointments

Your First Visit

In our initial visit, we leave no stone unturned to ensure we pave the right path for your healing. During this in-depth appointment, you’ll: 

Share your medical history
Undergo a thorough body exam 
Get X-rays 
Download and complete your patient forms here and bring them on your first visit.
Dr. Rafael Salas, Chiropractor, Montgomery Chiropractic.

Your Second Visit

We’ll review your results together within a few days – usually within 24 hours of your initial visit. 

Your second visit is just as important as the first, as we’ll share a detailed diagnosis and a clear pathway to relief. This conversation will include appointment frequency and financial commitment so you understand how we’ll help you live pain-free.  

Adjustments With Us

After we share your results, we’ll immediately start treatment with your first adjustment. We’ll schedule regular, 5-minute adjustments to keep you moving forward on your healing journey so that you can take your life back from pain! 

Schedule Your Initial Visit
Dr. Micah Montgomery and wife Whitney.

Helping Belton Live Pain-Free for Over 40 Years

Hi, I’m Dr. Micah Montgomery.

When your body is in alignment, it does what it’s supposed to.

An aligned body walks without pain. It moves with strength and stability. And if proper alignment affects movement of the outer body, imagine what it’s doing with the inner body. 

That’s why chiropractic care is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you moving well so that you can keep doing more of what you love!


Chiropractic care has been proven effective in relieving pain by restoring proper alignment and function to the body. Through manual adjustments and targeted therapies, chiropractors can address the root cause of pain, such as misalignments or restrictions in the spine, leading to reduced pain symptoms. We’ve helped thousands of patients in the Belton area find lasting relief for pain.
In our initial visit, we leave no stone unturned to ensure we pave the right path forward for your healing. We’ll take X-rays, do a detailed examination, and review your medical history. We’ll review your results together within a few days – usually within 24 hours of your initial visit.
Chiropractic will provide adjustments/manipulation to the spine to treat vertebral misalignments. While some physical therapist often provide this service, they typically have not devoted their entire post graduate education to this.
Your health history tells a story that we won’t necessarily see in X Rays or exams! When we can put all of the information together, we can understand the full story of your health and more precisely identify the root cause of your pain – that way, we can eliminate the guesswork and treat the real problem, right away.
Just like in any field, not all providers are made equal. At Montgomery Chiropractic, we do things a little differently. We conduct a thorough exam process before we adjust any patient. By looking beyond your symptoms including your health history, X-rays, and a health assessment, we can more accurately identify the root cause of your condition. That way, we can create a personalized plan to help you find relief in ways other providers may not have been able to achieve in your past experiences.
In easy, 5-minute adjustments, you’ll feel the progress in your health fast. Many of our patients start to see results after their first adjustment.
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