new patients welcome  Belton, TX

Dedicated to providing an exceptional Chiropractic experience

Montgomery Chiropractic will welcome you into the practice with a big smile and hello from our friendly staff! You will find the atmosphere to be upbeat and positive; we are eager to help you return to your full health potential!

Cutting Edge Technology

Montgomery Chiropractic was one of the first clinics in the area to implement electronic health records. Upon entering the clinic you will play a vital role in creating a quickly accessible, completely legible health record by entering your history into our touch screen computers. This eliminates the need for paper and speeds along your visit. It also allows our doctor to have your history in his hands within seconds of you completing your record. The staff will also document all of your examination findings, including computerized posture scan, Surface EMG, Thermal Scan and range of motion findings.

Detailed Examination and Report

If X-Rays are necessary, we have integrated the “Posture Ray” marking system which will give the patient not only a written report of their X-rays, but also actual copies of their X-rays complete with geometric markings indicating the normal position of the vertebra and the position of the patient’s spine. Patients often comment that we provide the most detailed examination and report they have ever been provided. This certainly contributes to the high success rate of our patients.