William’s interest in acupuncture was sparked in the 80s and ever since then he’s been on a constant journey learning about the human body. He’s a 1986 graduate of California Acupuncture College in San Diego, and has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years.

Since graduating, William has primarily worked with chiropractors and those in the medical field, including osteopaths, neurologists and orthopedists. In addition to currently working with Dr. Micah, he also collaborates with neurologists in Austin and with an internal medicine practice in Georgetown. He is an independent acupuncture practitioner.

Offering Two Types of Acupuncture

Though for certain conditions, William can use traditional acupuncture, he primarily uses electroacupuncture. This form of acupuncture uses electrostimulation on top of the needle to significantly enhance treatment. “I learned electroacupuncture from an older doctor in California who mentored and taught me. It’s something that’s not generally taught in the school. It’s a practice in itself.”

Ensuring Patients Get the Care They Need

There are certain situations where Dr. Micah will have a patient that needs to further enhance the treatment. They’ll ask William about specific conditions and introduce him to the patient. “I will ask a few questions of the patient and see if it’s appropriate to try acupuncture.”

Most of William’s practice is based on palpating patients. “I have to feel the tension while massaging the skin. If I can feel the spine and say, ‘You’re significantly subluxated, I’ll tell them that they need to see a chiropractor, not me.’” Dr. Micah may ask William for his opinion about certain conditions regarding their patients. Because William and Dr. Micah refer back and forth to each other, patients can be confident, knowing they will get the care they need to heal.

Get on the Path to Feeling Great

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